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2018 Green Savings Water Ionizer

The HydrogenX Water Ionizer Saves You Money and Saves the Planet

The HydrogenX water ionizer is Our 2018 Save Green Medal Winner for good reason.


If you’re looking to save some green when buying a water ionizer…and better yet,  to save green a variety of ways – then the HydrogenX water ionizer is the one for you.


Ever since its launch, the HydrogenX water ionizer has buyers saving green when it comes to money. Instead of forking over $500 to $5,000 for a water ionizer, savvy ionizer shoppers are scooping up the HydrogenX ionizer for less than $500.


Now, if we’re talking about the other impressive way that the HydrogenX water ionizer is saving green, we’ll cover that in just a few, but first we’re super excited to tell you about what else HydrogenX offers.


The HydrogenX water ionizer team has figured out a way to make owning a water ionizer easier and more affordable than ever before. In fact, when you buy a HydrogenX water ionizer, and you sign up for their replacement filter membership, then you receive the following goodies:


Unlimited warranty

Unlimited free shipping
Unlimited free replacement filters (when needed 2x a year).


Plus, the best part is that you don’t even have to think about keeping track of when to order them. We love this part the most. Imagine not having to remember to order your replacement filters, and visualize never having to worry if something on your water ionzier breaks – HydrogenX covers everything.


Now, we promised that we would share what other type of green that the HydrogenX water ionizer covers, and that’s saving water for the good of our green earth. That’s right, unlike other ionizers that have a waste water spout, the HydrogenX has no waste water. What a great idea! We really can’t say enough good things about HydrogenX.


Finally, a water ionizer company who thought of everything! Now only if my lawn could think to mow itself…hmmm, maybe the team at HydrogenX will figure out that one too. Well, we can dream, right?


Speaking of dreams, be sure to check out HydrogenX for yourself, and make your ionizer dream a reality. At the amazing price that HydrogenX is offering for this water ionizer, it truly is a dream come true.  Sweet dreams!

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